HGN-733 Degauss (1x AC10, 2x LLAS, 4x SSRM, 1x JJ, AMS, STD305/300)

Thread in 'HGN-733' started by Marec, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Marec

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    Degauss balanced

    Run this with 360° target and keep the stream of SSRMs coming. If used exclusively, it's heat stable (with Elites), so you can defend yourself against pesky lights for quiet a while without facing the dreaded shutdown.

    For main armament we have a good mid-range combo of guns that shoot when you pull the trigger (unlike some Gauss cannons ;)) and very reasonable heat efficiency.
    Armor is maxed out, AMS to ease the pain of incoming LRMs, JJ for (as someone put it) "agility" :D

    If you want to max it out you can use a rather uncommon STD305, but a STD300 will also do nicely.

    Degauss Alpha
    Less balanced but with a whopping 60 firepower in-your-face-now loadout, the Degauss can easily be converted.
    This requires to stick with the STD300 engine, as well as to drop leg armor from 76 to 69. The SSRMs are replaced by SRM4s, which will kick heat efficiency down to a dangeous, but not totally unreasonable level.

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  2. don Zappo

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    I feel this loadout needs more press since the quirkening has happened. This variant gets a buff to AC/10 cooldown and LLas range so this looks like one of the two premier builds for it. I just started Highlanders with the -733P but this should be the second one I pick up and this will be the first loadout I will try. I will rate it then. :)

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