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  1. How do you do this

    How do you do this New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone’s tried to make a night gyr hit and run build? I’ve attempted this and can push out roughly 800 damage a game using 2 large lasers and 3 atm12s . I Was just looking for someone’s opinion and if they have a better hit and run build ?
  2. I tend to avoid clan ERLL, so that doesn't leave you with a lot.
    You will not have a lot of cooling especially if you are using the jump jets.

    So, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

    Full hatter?

    Not quite meta?

    I mean if you really want to stay that far back, why use ATMs?
    But if you are so inclined to get that 1.2 damage at 1200 meters..... will need a lot of ammo and ECM for extra hiding power.

    Note: Jade Kite not needed for these builds. Just working off old work.
  3. How do you do this

    How do you do this New Member

    I’m currently running 3 at12s and 2 erll (for when ct is red structure) it is a hot build however if you chain fire atms and lasers(if you need burst use multiple clicks) usually no one tries to push you after you drop 120ish damage the option with 4 atms doesn’t give me anything to counter mechs or finish CT’s any other options? Doesn’t have to be lasers
  4. How do you do this

    How do you do this New Member

    Miss read first mech I’ll give it a try thanks
  5. I wouldn't count on this outside of tiers 4-5.

    Not a lot of room/tonnage for much besides lasers, so most ballistic builds are out, unless you want to downgrade to 2x ATM12's.

    Also remember that you are moving at the same speed as some of the 90 ton clan assaults and you are likely going to be seeing lots of meta Vapor Eagle 3s with similar builds with much faster speed.

  6. ShooterMcGavin80

    ShooterMcGavin80 Advanced Member

    Agreed. I've tried the 4xATM12 Night Gyr build, but I find the Night Gyr to be too slow to deploy ATM's effectively. 3xATM12 + 2xERLL sounds pretty darn hot too.

    The Night Gyr works best as either an autocannon boat (it can do a variety of dakka loadouts very effectively), or as a 2xGR + 2xERLL midrange peak/support fire build.
  7. renzor51

    renzor51 Advanced Member

    Well this is interesting. I wanted to adapt one of the previous ones with ATM's and MPL's to have ECM, but there are problems with too much tonnage available for the amount of pod space. With 2 ATM12's and ECM with 4 MPL's, there's 3.5 tons unused.

    So that's why I'm mixing lasers here. Using up all of the tonnage. Weird idea, but maybe this would work for long distance poking with the ERLL's and midrange fighting with the ATM's and MPL's? Dunno.


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