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[FP] IS, please stop complaining clan ERLL has range supremacy

Discussion in 'MechWarrior Online - General Discussion' started by CarloArmato, Oct 11, 2018 at 2:14 AM.

  1. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Star Lord

    ... because it isn't true anymore.

    This is an open letter / answer to all those that keep on saying in FP matches that clanners has better range.

    For those too lazy to read, with IS quirks and IS TC1, clanners no more out ranges IS mechs: on very long trades, even out of optimal range (850+ meters) are equal at the same range. Simply pick a mech capable of boating 5xERLL with a 10% energy range boost and you are good to go.

    You don't believe me?
    • cERLL: 11 damage, 740 meters (1480 maximum), 1.35s duration, 4s cooldown
    • ERLL: 9 damage, 675 meters (1350 maximum), 1.1s duration, 3.4s cooldown
    IS ERLL has lower range, but there are a lot of IS mechs (with even good hardpoint positions) which have a very nice +10% range boost, like Warhammer 6D.

    With +10% range quirk, it will become:
    • cERLL: 11 damage, 740 meters (1480 maximum), 1.35s duration
    • ERLL: 9 damage, 675+67.5=742 meters (1350+135=1485 maximum), 1.1s duration
    I can already hear someone scream "but cERLL can deal more damage with less tonnage!".
    Not necessarily.

    Let's take the most classic heavy clan ERLL boat, hellbringer:

    Now let's take my favorite IS heavy mech, warhammer 6D:

    Warhammer 6D can deal the same amount of damage in less time thanks to lower laser duration and I'm not even taking into account better maximum and sustained DPS or structure quirks for better overall tankiness and survivability (questionable due to IS XL, but still true if you manage to poke properly and spread damage)

    Clan assault mech can boat more ERLL compared to IS, so trading with them will very likely be harder if you can't manage to fire 2 times before clanners hide behind cover (very likely to happen due to at least forced +1s poke to avoid ghost heat: 2+2+2 ERLL). Anyway, range wise they are still equal to clanners provided you choose a mech with a huge TC or simply choosing a mech with +10% range quirk.

    To be fair, clan mech are still king of alpha strikes at medium ranges (~500 meters), but they are no more the uncontested kings of extreme range. Clan ERPPC is still way better compared to IS ERPPC due to total damage output, but IS heavies and assaults now have equale numbers to bring on the table, coupled with likely better tank, damage application (shorter duration) and maybe even better acceleration / deceleration for better pokes.

    Before dropping in FP, fit and choose only ERLL boats with +10% energy range quirk. That's what you need to close the gap between IS and clan at very long ranges.

    Foot note: I've purposedly ignored TC1 bonus because the difference is very negligible, +4% beam range vs 3.5% beam range boost. I've also ignore 15% range skill's boosts because bonuses stacks on each other and are equal on both sides (fully skilled TC1 5xERLL warhammer actually reaches 867 meters optimal range)
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018 at 2:29 AM
  2. Tank the Frank

    Tank the Frank Benefactor

    More of a general clan laser comment. It pisses me off that after I buy the new Warhammer IIC pack, PGI nerfs clan lasers. Again! Their vague comment to bring clan in line with IS doesn't make sense. Yes, clan lasers do more damage, but on average have longer duration and are hotter.ffs
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  3. ShiverMeRivets

    ShiverMeRivets Junior Member

    And clan lasers have longer ranges. Only very few IS specific variants get a general 10% range quirk. Often it is weapon specific (e.g., 10% to medium lasers). So yes, in sniper wars you can pick those meta mechs with a range quirk, but otherwise clan laser builds mixing large and medium lasers will do more damage than similar IS builds at ranges beyond 350 or so.

    Clan lasers are hotter, but clan laser builds can carry a lot more heat sinks and generally end up with better heat dissipation than IS laser builds.

    Laser burn is longer on Clan, true, but so is the total damage. Damage/duration is not lower at all, so it is similar laser intensity, only lasting longer.

    Generally, this should not be a problem when one side specializes in lasers and the other in ballistics. But when you can boat 15 lasers on a 20 tonner, or 36+ srms on a 40 tonner, or get pin-point laser vomits in the 70s damage that will mess up anything under 60 ton in one burn, that is a bit too much.

    On the IS side I agree with those that say that dual heavy gauss is too much PPFLD.
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