FLE-FA "The Ant Bully" (6xMG +2.5t, 3xSL, MASC, XL170)

Thread in 'FLE-FA' started by tunafist88, May 8, 2020.

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    Watch out on the playground- here comes the Ant Bully! Limited tonnage for ammo-dependent weapons be damned! Weight saved using full Ferro armor and Endo structure adds MOAR AMMO for 6 thirsty guns. Saving space using Single Heat Sinks w/ nil heat load from small lasers is the secret to non-stop harassment. Use MASC to get to better rear positioning vs try to facetime w LMG/ERSL trash. This bully beats you for your cbills allowance, eats light mech legs and assault mech components since his latchkey parents couldn't bother to pack him a lunch.
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    Be careful because you posted a title with 3xSL, but there are only 2xSL in the provided build.
    2 ton of ammo are worth 1:06 seconds of uninterrupted dakka, coupled with skills it will become 1:20 seconds of dakka, which is fairly enough for such a light build. If you fit 2.5 ton of ammo, it will become 1:23 -> 1:40

    Swapping a SL for half ton of ammo is arguable. IMHO you are losing a bit of alpha strike in favor of ~20 seconds of dakka. If we consider that MG works better when your target has no armor left and you shouldn't be engaging targets immediately after the match started for this very reason, if you are patient enough you should drop that half ton of ammo in favor of a SL.

    EDIT: also, keep in mind that builds that have an identical weapon but fits similar yet different weapons (like standard VS ER lasers) are considered "ALTs". In this case, this build is an alt of FLE-FA ''Hornet'' (6x MG, 2x ERSLas, MLas, XL170, MASC MKI) because you swapped ERSL for SL (same tonnage, same slot consumption, very similar weapons).
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    EDITED to match description, as I had posted (beforelostandrebuiltandlostandrebuilt) on cellphone. -slack- OP SHOULD have had 3xSL and the 2.5t ammo for 6xMG. single HS are what is different vs "FA-Shredder". so yes, this could be marked as an "alt" vs weapons (ERSL v SL) alone, but to what variance does it become unique and take a new post? tomato/tomato.
    @Carlo +1 appreciate counting the firetime of ammo +/- quirks.

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