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Thread in 'BattleTech (2018)' started by Shock, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Now that I'm about 1100 days into my first Flashpoint career mode, I thought I'd offer some thoughts on the changes that came with Battletech's first expansion.

    1) Large lasers are quite strong at the moment. They have only 50% more heat than a medium laser with good extra range damage. They're excellent for any mech that lacks the hardpoints to boat medium lasers effectively.

    2) Bulwark is still just as good and maybe better than it was. You can now get 40% damage reduction and still move if you use terrain properly. I find it's far better than any other skill.

    3) Coolant flush is also quite good, making Guts the primary skill on most of my mechwarriors. If you use it early before your heat gets too high, the small penalty on turns 2-4 isn't enough to overwhelm your cooling system.

    4) Flashpoints are more challenging than most normal missions and the rewards are generally good. I think they're a good addition to the game.
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    It's interesting because I bunged best part of 100 hours into this on release and I enjoyed it very much, however I just stopped playing one day and have had no urge to go back. The campaign remains uncompleted as I was beginning to find the story arc missions overly long whilst the freelance drops had all become cakewalks. Somewhere around the 30-40 hour mark while I was desperately trying to get my first salvaged heavies into action was probably the sweet spot gameplay-wise.

    Having just clocked XCOM2: War of the Chosen I shall probably return to BattleTech. I am very fond of this kind of macro/micro meta and I do love BattleTech.

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