ENF-5P "Don's Enforcer" (1x UAC5, 1xAC2, 1xLLas, 3x JJ, XL 255)

Thread in 'ENF-5P' started by Azakael, Feb 23, 2015.

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    So, Don Zappo and I were talking builds for the Enforcer. He eyeballed this one due to it having one of his favorite weapon as a quirk - the UAC5. Issue is, too much weight, leaving not enough ammo. So, his idea was to swap that out with an AC2 and upgrade the Small Laser to a Large one. I thought it was a decent enough idea to try out. My small adjustment was flipping the UAC5 and AC2 so the UAC5 and Large Laser were on the same side. *Then* we both noticed that there were two ballistic slots in each arm. Thus, this was born. First trip out in this style worked out fairly well. Three kills, a few assists, and a decent amount of damage for a medium. So, I like it. And decided to name it in honour of the originator.

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