CLOSED Editing a review/rating will remove the star count from the posted comment

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  1. CarloArmato

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    Minor appearence bug.

    1. vote/rate thread
    2. modify comment / post with rating
    3. Thread will display old rating correctly, but the modified post won't display any rating
    4. If you rate again, updated comment with previous not-displayed rating won't be updated and instead a new post with rating is added.

    If I'm guessing correctly, every posted and modified comment / vote has is own unique ID and after modifying the message it still take the vote from the 1st rating post and display it as usual, while in the actual thread it will display the updated message but without displaying the vote, because when "posting" the edited message no vote was added (there is no option to add or modify it), so no vote will be displayed on it.

    Probably something like this:
    1. Post comment with rating 5 stars and ID=001
    2. Modifying comment ID=001 only uses it a base start, so the new comment will have ID=002
    3. Thread uses post 001 to display the rating, but in the actual thread it will display post 002 which (for some reason) has no rating
    4. Posting a new rating will remove the old "the user rating is in 001 post" pointer and will be applied to the new rating ID=003. ID=002 post will still be displayed as a normal post/comment and won't be updated as a "rating" comment.
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  2. Excalibaard

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    If you refresh after editing the post, it should display the rating again.

    The rating system is a module developed by someone else, that we bought and use in order to facilitate ratings on XenForo. Therefore, we'll not be able to make any changes to this particular issue ourselves, but we'd have to contact the developer of the module itself.

    What we can do is hope it gets fixed, or start using a different way of rating entirely, but not much more than that.
  3. JustineHeath

    JustineHeath New Member

    Yep, this issue has been resolved. Sorry for the delay but you can now upload pictures into the drumset gallery. Enjoy

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