Casual DRG-5N "Hot Shots" (UAC10, 2x LLas, LFE275)

Thread in 'DRG-5N' started by alphameric, Oct 8, 2019 at 10:24 PM.

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    So expanding on my previous build, I've evolved it into what's basically a clone of my Fang loadout (albeit with a UAC10 instead of AC10). I can't believe I never noticed the 15% laser duration quirk. It's crazy.

    Laser turns on, laser turns off.

    The ranges are pretty synchronous, but because you're like to get lots of firing time it can have a tendency to get hot. Lots of fun, and I've been having a good number of 850+ damage games with this loadout.
    For whatever reason, people don't seem to target this mech as much as other similarly set up mechs (ie: CTF)

    Highly recommended!
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