Casual Doom Slayer (2x PPC, RAC5, RAC2, LE300)

Thread in 'Dragon Slayer' started by Redshift Darkstar, Jan 6, 2019.

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    i get ridiculous damage from this peek centered style. It can outright kill many assaults or do crippling damage through a combination of brutal DPS and the suppression from the shake generated from the RACs. This is achieved from a very right-heavy build centered around right-side peeking.
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    Unluckily your link isn't working because it hasn't been saved: you have to hit "save & share loadout" before copying the URL
    I also strongly recommend following the FAQ, especially
    Back to the build, this is my reverse engineering


    A bit too hot for my taste, plus you have 3 different projectile velocities to deal with (RAC2, RAC5 and PPC), which means you won't be able to hit the same component on a moving target with every weapon...

    IMHO RACs on an assault aren't worth it because of the long face time and heat generated: you can't really alpha strike with every weapon for the whole duration of the RACs, so there is almost really no point to fit them on anything bigger than a heavy (bushwacker 1X with 3xRAC2 is probably the best RAC boat, while Champion, Marauder and Shadow Hawk can compete with the same 3xRAC2, with or without backup lasers)

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