Dire wolf?

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  1. eishiba

    eishiba New Member

    So I was thinking about getting a Dire Wolf. I was thinking the Dire Wolf prime because it has 8 energy hardpoints for laser vomit. I'm looking for something thats going to hit pretty hard. I'm open to other ideas.
  2. Dagonus

    Dagonus Moderator Staff Member

    Unless, you're looking at the set of 8 for something; I'd recommend the B or the W so that you have that CT Energy hardpoint(s).

    The UV is also great but that's a Hero mech so if you're looking for just cbill mechs, that's out.
  3. As a big fan of the Dire Wolf, I would recommend saving your c-bills unless you want to run 8 ac2s with the UV arm pods.

    You can laser vomit better and faster on lighter mechs.
  4. Open to other ideas....

    Dual heavy gauss with 5+/- medium lasers hits pretty hard and runs at the same or faster speed. And you will always have that 50 point alpha even when the heat creeps up. Grab a Fafnir for ECM if you want it.
  5. rinco

    rinco Well-Known Member

    I just posted my favourite c-bill dire wolf build (click here)... 4xcLBX10 plus 4xcHML. I run it on the A variant but will work on the Prime too.
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  6. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier

    The only top-tier DW available are the ultraviolent (8 AC2/UAC2/LBX2) and the old dire whale (2xGR, 2xLL, 6xERML) which has has been nerfed due to damage reduction. Unless you really like it, I wouldn't use one: it is too slow, with hitboxes very easy to isolate and no tank quirks at all. There could be some viable Dakka build, but Kodiak 3 has better hardpoints.

    P.S.: B or W are the best variants due to CT energy hard point. Unless you want to try out an 8 omnipod set, I would buy one of these 2 variants.
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  7. Gun Tuv

    Gun Tuv Well-Known Member

    The Ultraviolent is fucken amazeballs. You're basically a killer turret. I am currently doing the 8xLB2 one but there are pros and cons for all three designs. It's without doubt the mech I get 1k+ damage with the most these days.

    I've never fancied any of the other designs. At the end of the day it's silhouette, hitboxes, tank and hardpoint locations are bloody awful so it needs a serious party trick to offset that and 8xac2/lb2/uac2 the only way I can see of really achieving this.

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