CPLT-C1 Serious Variant (2x LRM10, 2x LLas, 2x MLas, XL300)

Thread in 'CPLT-C1' started by Serious Table, May 3, 2013.

  1. Serious Table

    Serious Table Well-Known Member


    I wanted a good all-rounder workhorse 'Mech that could do a variety of things with a nice lick of speed. I've always been a fan of the Catapult chassis, so picked up a CPLT-C1 and created this!

    Very much a ranged fire support 'Mech, the Serious variant of the CPLT-C1 allows for engagement at nearly all ranges. Full armor (almost) gives you a very durable chassis. The XL 300 in combination with the 4 Jump jets provides a fantastic bit of mobility for a 65 ton 'Mech, and the 14 Double heatsinks provide adequate cooling for a decent period of time. Just be cautious during extended engagements if you're alphaing.

    Weapon groups are easy: Large Lasers in group 1, Medium Lasers in group 2, LRM 10s in Group 3. Let the big 'Mechs take the attention, and slice off pieces of the enemy 'Mech.


    This variant sacrifices the mobility of the 4 Class III jump jets in order to provide more punch in your missiles.
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  2. Regina Redshift

    Regina Redshift Sass Elemental

    With Jump-Jets the Cat survives better in brawl. I wouldn't trade that for the extra LRMs.
  3. Mythweaver

    Mythweaver Advanced Member

    I agree with Archwright, Jump Jets in this chassy are way too important to justify ten extra points of damage per volley. I really like your primary build though, it looks extremely effective if you can stay on the edges of the grand melee.

  4. brudnyzdzich

    brudnyzdzich New Member

    im running very simmilar build and im really happy with it
  5. DarkLobster

    DarkLobster Well-Known Member


    I like this weapon config on the C1, but I've been running it with ER Large Lasers since they've just had their heat dropped. It strikes a nice balance between long-range firepower and decent close range punch.

    AMS is always good too!

    Not 100% sure Artemis is the way to go with the LRM10s, but I already had it on there from a previous build. If I dropped it I'd probably bump the engine up to a 300XL as in the OP.
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  6. Roosterfish

    Roosterfish Well-Known Member

    Interesting build here.

    I've had to order a new video card to replace my one what gave up the ghost so I'm limping along on an old one right now so I can't test the build out. When it gets in and I'm up and running full out again this one will get a test drive.

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