CPLT-C1 "Mad Cat Prototype MKII" (2x LL, 2x SRM6+A, 2x ML, 4x JJ, XL300)

Thread in 'CPLT-C1' started by Blagg Zear, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord


    I changed my Mad Cat Build to a more aggressive Brawler Version using dual SRM6s with Artemis instead of LRMs. The free Tonnage could be used for more Mobility - 80+ kph (speed tweak) and two Jumpjets - and max Armor. Additionally you have AMS for more Protection.

    Alternate "Speed" Version:

    Alternate "Jumper" Version:





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  2. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    I personally have tried this build, and don't like it. I feel like I can always do better, but have not. I torso twist so well in it, I end up losing a side before the CT.

    I do give it a 4-5, for anyone who can get 4 kills in it, I'll give it a 5
  3. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    So what actually do you miss? The LRM.Pods?
  4. LT Satisfactory

    LT Satisfactory Benefactor

    I'm kind of with Vergere - doesn't seem like my dmg output is that great, but I'm hard pressed to come up with anything better. The 2xLRM15a, 3ML, tag, bap just doesn't seem to do it for me either. This variant just confuses me. :blush:
  5. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    well, the C1 is a more versatile allround Variant. It doesnt specialize, so the better builds are either priorize in Missile Power (2xLRM15+A) or Energy Power (2x LLas + 2x MLas or 2x (ER)PPCs + 2x MLas).
    IMO the Energy builds are better, because Catapults lose their "Arms" very fast in direct combats. And without strong weapons in the Torso, you are useless without Arms.

    or you go for a high Alphastrike:

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  6. Roosterfish

    Roosterfish Well-Known Member

    Here's another build for me to give a whirl.
  7. HungryWookie

    HungryWookie New Member

    Looking forward to giving this a go when I save up enough for the DHs and Endo for the chassis sitting in my bay. I have really liked switching my LLas for LPLas on shorter range builds. I still get enough distance to do (some) damage in PUG matches that may either be won or lost before it ever gets below 500 meters, but the shorter range over LLas still reminds me what I am actually here for. I have experimented with the LPLas after the heat was reduced, and I was really surprised how the shorter duration translated into killing power. Of course it has been only a couple of days, so the sample size may not be "perfect", but that does seem to be the design intent of pulse to begin with.

    "useless without Arms" - I do completely agree with the useless theory, this is why I am now looking at C1 builds. Although on my A1 "technically speaking", I have kept 2-4 of the JJs so that I can still use my off the ropes "wraslin" moves and jump on top of lights at the end of matches. Yes I even spent time practicing this. Please don't try to compare the potential damage of the trade for JJs and collision damage compared to "X tons of ammo". The damage is just as real as in "wraslin", plus the entertainment is "priceless". Maybe I could sell t-shirts of the "Masked Catapult".

    Artemis is an easy pill to swallow with only 2 missile hardpoints. My SRM6s with Art have a 15-20% higher hit rate than without. Other builds may have more hardpoints and the extra ton per slot usually is a big tipping point versus other considerations.

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