Casual CP-11-A "Eons" (1xUAC20 2xMRM30 LE330) +Alt(AC20, SL)

Thread in 'CP-11-A' started by Excalibaard, Dec 11, 2018.

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    I've been struggling to make this chassis work. After playing it with RAC2 for a while, I found it to have way too much facetime, which hampered my ability to brawl and tank like a real assault should be able to at some point.

    The AC20+MRMs combo works on the roughneck, works on the atlas, so I figured I'd make it work on a Cyclops. And boy, it works. You can run a regular AC20 if you want, but the extra burst of a UAC20 is very nice when you pull it off. MRM60 as backup weapons make the jams survivable, and make you more effective at range than the average AC20(+SRM) brawler.

    Alternative with regular AC20. Regular weighs less, and requires less heat dissipation and ammo (generally), thus I filled the slots with SL, which are the best DPS/t weapon available to IS and are sustainable in a brawl (unlike MPL or ML).


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