Invasion COR-BR "The Standard" (3xERLL 2xGR 2xAMS LE295) +Alt(LL, LE300)

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Thread in 'Broadside' started by Excalibaard, Mar 18, 2019.

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    Old but still valid weapon loadout tested succesfully on multiple other mechs (E.g.: Fafnir and Nighstar)
    -10% ballistic cooldown and -10% gauss rifle cooldown are very, VERY interesting despite the seemingly quite bad hardpoints: -1 second cooldown means you are able to fire your gausses every 4+0.75s (cooldown + charge up), while ERLL will fire every 3.4+1.1s (cooldown + duration, laser duration skills not included).

    No range quirks means this mech is better suited for mid-long range maps (e.g.: grim plexus, sulfurous rift defense), but NOT extremely long range maps like boreal vaults or polar highlands.

    Skills: classic long range with hot lasers poke build set. You must max range, heat gen, laser duration, half radar deprivation (recommended due to lack of ECM, but maybe is no more worth it due to recent LRM nerf to lock time) and finally advanced zoom.
    About fine tuning: cooldown is very welcome (gausses are your main weaponry due to huge quirks and the fact they can ALWAYS fire despite heat level) as well as half armor skill tree and a bit in acceleration and deceleration for better pokes (IMHO 2 acceleration and 2 deceleration are the way to go).
    You probably want something in-between these two extremes:

    ALT: simplest alt is to replace DHS with a TC1, but you are dropping your cooling from 46% to 41%... IMHO not worth it for a me +3.5% range bonus due to lack of range quirks...
    You can swap a LE300 for a XL325, but XL engine on a 95 tonner (huge slow target) is a no go with the current meta.

    Dropping to a lower rating LE engine is not recommended because mobility is your best friend for better trades, so IMHO don't lower your LE engine for tonnage.
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    IMHO, this is the only build I enjoy on the Broadside. I can't get anything else to work for me. I run it without the AMS though, because I enjoy using MWO (and being LRM'd) for anger management.

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