Casual Clan needs a light mech that plays like a normal light mech

Thread in 'Adder' started by AfjalKhan, Apr 21, 2020.

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    All clan lights are very narrowly specialized mechs: Cheater - striker Lynx - clan equivalent of locust - for people with crazy piloting skills Fox - a walking ams/ecm with few lasers Adder - slow, underengined light. Stuck with fire support duties for tonnage limited drops Jenner - SRM striker

    Clans lack something like a Raven - ample torso mounts, non-humanoid, recon/range quirks, xl250 capable.

    Unfortunately, clans lack normal lights in lore per s.e. All what normal lights do in clans are garrison duties. There were few apocryphical mechs that were invented to fill in the niche. All my research found only mechs that fit "the normal light mech role," and they are: 25t clan locust, and 30t clan firefly

    What do you think?
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