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Casual CHP-3N "Lightshow" (2x LPL, 4xERML, LE 300)

Thread in 'CHP-3N' started by Dusty The Lion, Nov 7, 2018 at 11:00 PM.

  1. Dusty The Lion

    Dusty The Lion New Member


    There are almost certainly better IS heavies for laser vomit, but I've been having fun with build in QP. The Champion is nice and nimble. Top speed is 87 kph with speed tweak and your acceleration and torso speeds are no slouch either. Between its agility and its armor quirks, the Champion is an effective skirmisher and harasser that can hold its own when it has to weigh into the middle of the fight.
  2. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Harvester

    Welcome to mechspecs!

    Build is solid and you can further improved it by upgrading from standard armor to Light Ferro to add back some armor, especially on legs, and by moving around DHS a little bit.

    Due to champion geometry, hitboxes, the fitted Light Engine and energy hardpoints location, you can move most of your DHS on the left side so, in the event you will lose your right side, almost all your weaponry is still on the left, where most of the cooling is needed. To further exploit this, you could also attempt to use your right side as a shield to soak up the incoming damage like you would on a marauder, but that's a bit too hard and pointless due to Champion hitboxes and enormous CT, but you will be able to protect your left side ragardless.
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  3. Dusty The Lion

    Dusty The Lion New Member

    Thanks! Those are good suggestions. I guess I need to save up for another 300 LFE. A problem I had when I took the build out the first couple times with instinctively shielding with my left and then realizing my mistake as my large pulses get crit. Thankfully I've gotten better about that :p
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