Cherbi "Four-cast" (4xLRM15, 6xERSL, CAP)

Thread in 'Cherbi Builds' started by Vylon1234, Jun 17, 2019.

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    I am aware of everyone's dislike for LRM Assault Mechs but this is coming from someone who plays LRM Assault mechs and does so properly (that means Shares armor, Direct fire, is self sufficient in getting locks and can handle a brawl). This mech has a great LRM/ATM profile, thank to the cat ears. This is designed to be a LRM carrier who engages between 200 meters to 400 meters and do so while taking full advantage of its mobility and armor to the fullest. Executioners are not the tankiest Assault mechs but the extra armor in combination with the firepower and mobility options provides an interesting and diverse combat style. I would only recommend this to only the LRM enthusiasts and those who take their LRM Assault mechs seriously.

    Note: T-Comp is optional. Ammo and heat sinks can and should be adjusted for personal preference. Results may vary.
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    Welcome to the forums Vylon :)

    Made a few edits to remove the remaining HTML tags and made up some names for the builds! Thanks for populating the forum a bit more!

    My variation of this build has a little more ammo by swapping some of the ERSL for ERuL, who still have a respectable optimal range and only sacrifice a small amount of DPS while being much less hot. Another change was swapping the cAP for a light version, as the 450m of the cLAP is plenty for the ranges at which you should engage with this.

    Could go full micro and get a slot-perfect build:

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    Thank you... Much appreciated. I also appreciate the feedback on this build too. Most people don't like LRM Assault mechs so when I see a helpful comment like this then I feel good because that means there are people who appreciate what these mechs can do in the hands of a good pilot.

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