Budget CDA-3M "Budget Sneakada" (1xLLas, 3xMLas, ECM, XL320)

Thread in 'CDA-3M' started by Zbloubi, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Zbloubi

    Zbloubi New Member

    Hi everyone!

    This is the first build I post on this site, so excuse any mistake I make, and please let me know if I can improve the post or the build in any way :).

    I recently got back into MWO, and as I mostly play for free (except a few heros I bought in the recent sale) I'm often low on money.

    As the account is also relatively new, I don't have a lot of equipment lying around in my inventory, so whenever I buy a new chassis, I need to take the required equipment into account, or make do by tweaking the stock config.

    The Cicada 3M is already very expensive, and the stock armor is too thin in the current meta of Heavy Gausses, Machine Gun boating and MRM spam, so I tried to make something better at a minimal cost.
    Also, for some reason the stock build doesn't have an ECM, which is weird since its the main feature of the 3M variant.

    This is the build I made

    From the stock configuration, you need to buy the following :
    - 1MLas for 80k
    - 1 LLas for 200k
    - 1 ECM for 400k
    - some armor points for a few cents, negligible

    Total : 680 000 Cbills

    As the main goal was spending as little cash as possible on it, I think this turned out pretty well.
    It's a bit hot on certain maps, but the 2 weapon groups provide a reasonable punch a mid-to-short range.
    As it is only lasers, the mech is quite good at sniping components, and finishing off wounded ennemies. The alpha is decent, and can really wreck the ennemy lights if you manage to aim for the legs and stay on target.

    The ECM provides some protection, but don't rely on it too much because the Cicada is quite large and easy to hit, even without a solid lock.

    From there, I suggest immediatly upgrading the structure to Endo-Steel, and equip 2 Double Heat Sinks in the engine slots.
    424 000 Cbills

    Then equip Ferro Fibrous armor, lower the arms armor to 6, and add another DHS.
    ~312 000 Cbills

    That's it, thanks for reading! I hope this build helps someone.
    As I said, this is my first post here, so any feedback is welcomed :)
  2. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    The next step would be to exchange the MLas with ERMLas. You even might want to consider getting an ERMLas instead of the regular one from the beginning.

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