CDA-2B 'The Pest' AKA 'The Big Roach' (4xMLas, BAP, AMS, STD 270)

Thread in 'CDA-2B' started by TheWatchman, May 28, 2013.

  1. TheWatchman

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    I've been contemplating posting this build for about a week. The idea came about after I posted my thoughts about the usefulness of giant cockroaches as a stable form of transport. The general rule of thumb with the Cicada seems to be similar to that of the light mechs - speed is life. This invariably includes installing an XL engine. More speed, less weight but increased vulnerability. So, I set myself some targets to remedy that shortfall and set about trying to achieve them. I was looking for the build to have near max. armour, 50% heat efficiency, do at least 100kph with a Standard engine whilst still carrying an effective weapons load-out and not costing the earth to put together. Here's what I came up with:

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  2. Dwergi

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    BAP doesn't really do much for you, since you don't have Streaks.

    Betterer, unless you don't want to pay for Endo and Ferro (which are chump change, since you already got DHS).

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    As this is a harasser build, the idea is to dart in and out of cover, carrying out hit and run strikes on larger mechs. The BAP is installed to cancel out ECM, allowing other team-mates to provide fire support either with LRMs or Streaks. That's why I used a Standard engine, so that the design had as much survivability built in as possible.

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