BSW-X1 "Brawlhalla" (AC20, SNPPC, LFE 280)

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Thread in 'BSW-X1' started by vipershark, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. vipershark

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    Blasting Potatoes has never been so fun! the speed desync of the AC20 and SNPPC make it a little annoying at max range and with lights, but otherwise have fun poking at close range or committing to a brawling with a 30 point alpha, a complete deadside and two shield arms as well, meaning the fun doesn't stop till you hit the ground most the time.

    At 86 KPH you can really move around with impunity so if you find the ridge the enemy team has all their guns pointed at you can find a different one, and also just fast enough to avoid getting pinned in a bad spot. finding the edge of a line, their back, or even NASCARing if it is the weekend works well, you got the speed to do it.

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  2. WarhammerBW

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    Good mobility and alpha damage. Packs a good punch.
  3. Excalibaard

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    Have been using this build with great success, and a minor (but important) difference: Mount the AC20 on the LEFT TORSO. The SNPPC and AC20 are so close together, the convergence is amazing! I also prefer to mount more ammo in my Left than my Right leg, because the right leg ammo is the last to go. if you put too much there, big chances are you die from piranha ammo explosion.

    With steady aim and balls of steel (and blue energy) you can tear someone up very nicely like a tiny boom-hammer.

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