Casual BSW-X1 "Argument" (1xLBX10 3xLMG 1xSNPPC 2xRL20 LE270) +Alt (LE265/AC10)

Thread in 'BSW-X1' started by Excalibaard, Mar 5, 2018.

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    This build was inspired by aesthetics, hardpoints, and my newfound love for Rocket Launchers.

    Starting with hardpoints, all ballistics of 6 slots or less except LGR, can be pushed to the high mount by mounting a machinegun first. I've used that to have a very high mounted LBX10 for some powerful critseeking.

    Rocketlaunchers are barely used, but I find them very useful for dealing 80 damage, no questions asked, for 3 tons. A balanced 'consumable' that looks good/dangerous (aesthetics) and increases the hitboxes of your left side, to protect the autocannon.

    LMGs complete it with some additional finishing power.

    Below is a version with AC10, that focuses more on combining with the SNPPC as a pseudo AC20 ,but the AC10 is mounted low due to the slots it takes up.

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