Boar's Head "Ra'z al Boar" (1x LBX10 AC, 6x MPL, 1x LRM10+A, AMS, STD340)

Thread in 'Boar's Head' started by Sho Shuto, May 1, 2015.

  1. Sho Shuto

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    After experimenting with SRM6+A in the lone missile slot, I've found doing LRM support from outside before the fight starts is a good thing. Originally it was loaded with an LRM20+A for maximum output and good firepower but in the end, the lack of 3 DHS caused too much overheating. With proper weapon cycling and group firing, this mech should have no problems rocking the house and not setting itself on fire. Terra Therma demands chain firing in the arms, which sucks but what else can ya do?

    Weapon Groups:
    group 1: 3 MPL
    2: 3 MPL
    3: LBX 10AC
    4: LRM 10+A

    The Quirk for ballistic range and Velocity really helps the LBX shotgun. That and it's recycle time allows you to cut lights in half at just under 600 m and it shakes their faces very well. LRM also is good for c-bill assist farming. My first run in this thing (not yet mastered the mech, it's only Elite status)

  2. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    I fully support your idea of 1x LRM support Atlas. It works well in pug games.
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  3. Falconium

    Falconium Administrator Staff Member

    The sarcasm . . .
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  4. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    As long as you don't stop on the way to shoot your lurms and it's only used as a support for the time you're catching up with a faster team, I think it's a good idea. I wouldn't find much use for a single SRM6 anyway...
    I'm just afraid this kind of build draws most rookies to play horribly bad (I've seen so much :shifty: ). It should be delivered with a massive motivational sticker to place in the cockpit: "AC and lasers are your main weapons, so get your fat ass to the front line!".

    I wouldn't bother with artemis though, since you'll mainly use the missile for indirect fire:

  5. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    A single LRM10 + A is indeed not the worst idea on an AS7. It allows to soften enemies up while approaching a fight, gets to opponents that are high above you (usually an issue) and also - very important aspect in my view - it spreads the heat generated from firing your weapons at different ranges.
    The LRM10 simply doesn't add to your heat when in the middle of a brawl, but where the punch of an AC10 + 6 MPLas is sufficient to cripple most opponents quickly.

    I would stick with the 10-sized launcher, though, just to be sure all the missile are coming out at once. Finally, I hate the LB10-X with a passion...

  6. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    Good point.
    I still would ditch the artemis.

    Two LB10X are very nice, but only one is meh indeed.
    Then why not use the one freed ton from the atemis to upgrade to a regular AC10?

    BTW I strongly disagree with your ammo distribution: you don't want to put emphasis on the LRM, 360 missiles is already more than enough (36 volleys!), while you need enough AC shells to be able to shoot at will.
    OP got that point right.
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  7. Sho Shuto

    Sho Shuto New Member

    Great ideas. Though I like the range and reach of the LBX and it's forgiveness with lags as far as shooting lights goes. Artemis is weight/crit friendly with only one launcher. I find the 3 tons it eats when you have 3 launchers is nasty at times. I'll upgrade to the old AC10 it came with and see how it goes. Reducing the LRM ammo was no big deal with me since well, there's a lot of weight to work with. Thanks for the help.
  8. Sho Shuto

    Sho Shuto New Member

    Do you think they'll ever implement other IS weapons from olden games? Like I know the IS has an LBX-AC20. Why limit the weapons? SSRM6 too much to ask for? I'd kill for this thing to have an LBX-AC20 without needing 2 hard points.

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