Boar's Head "Miss Piggy" (6x LLas, AMS, STD325)

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Thread in 'Boar's Head' started by enileph, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. enileph

    enileph Star Lord


    What you do is to chainfire the LLas, either one by one, or in pairs (via chainfire LA, and chainfire RA).

    If they rush you though, just keep your cool, take a good aim, and alpha it to hell. You will probably OH, but one of them will be dead.
    This is not a new concept. Way back before ghost heat there are tons of these builds on the stalker and what not.
    Damn, I miss my 6x PPC stalker. Just one hit and KABOOM!

    Well, you do get some bonus from quirks Better than nothing I guess.
    Now, you should fire it like: Left Shark, Right Shark, repeat...
    Updated version where people seem to like more.
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  2. TwigTech

    TwigTech New Member

    Nice. I've been running this with a STD 350 and Endo. You can't fit the AMS, but you run 5kph faster and can squeeze in 21 DHS.

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  3. TrunksMaxamillan

    TrunksMaxamillan New Member

    A build I am testing out currently.

    With skills elited and large laser module cranked up, this atlas can play the role of mid ranged hard point sniper. Granted the XL engine makes it lose its brawler tactics, It can survive short hit and run engagements. Even with radar Dep, It is still useful to have to AMS for tag and narc situations. I have averaged about one to two kills thus far, still working on implementing a proper role for him. A few key things when running this spec: 1. Chainfire Only! (Can keep a steady stream of fire on a single enemy, and can avoid ghost heat issues.) 2. Having Enhanced zoom can help you nail weakened hardpoints for quick limb removal. 3. Keep moving (it's surprising how effective the 71 kpm can keep you standing in a brawl with similar weight classes due to mobility constraints of other assaults.) 4. rotate your body as you take damage to minimize torso hardpoint damage, but if that is too hard, you can sacrifice speed, ammo, and heat efficiency with a standard such as this.

    happy hunting!
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  4. Creovex

    Creovex Active Member

    Looks fun, however I favor the second build with the STD350 better. Since the Atlas has a big "shoot me" sign taped to the front of it, I tend to want less exposure to death from losing a section of my frame... However, if you lose both your arms in that configuration, you are out of weapons so I it might not be the worst thing to go for the XL400.... At least with the STD350 and no arms, you can still be a blocker to some degree...

    Additionally, if you are long-mid ranging it, I would front load more armor
    LT 74, LTR 10 |CT 110, CTR14 | RT 74, CTR 10

    Overall, fun build, especially with modules that support large lasers!
  5. Motörhead

    Motörhead Benefactor

    After quirks and LL change it's actually not that bad.

    My favourite version would be the 350 one with proper leg armor

  6. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    I used this build to get the completion on the loot and shoot event. It runs very hot, but I play it very aggressively. Just override your heat and never alpha strike. It's also nice that it uses the stock loadout engine, the XL400. 4/5 stars because the lack of alpha hurts my normal gameplay in other assault mechs.

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