BLR-1G Table Variant (1x ERPPC, 6x MLas, 2x MG, XL400)

Thread in 'BLR-1G' started by Serious Table, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Sometimes, you struggle to really get to know a Mech...

    I've had a hard time trying to get this Mech to perform the way I want it to perform, but this has been a reasonable amount of fun! Swapping out the engine for the XL400 that came with the Boar's head, you've got an 85 ton Mech going at 83+ KPH with a hell of a lot of pinpoint damage and some nice crit-seeking potential, able to keep up with mediums and heavies and lay down some hurt, all while relatively cool.

    As labeled the Table variant, I can't guarantee that this is really taking the Mech to its fullest, or even taking it very seriously. But it will, surprisingly, perform if you make use of your speed for flanking and taking quick strafes at targets.
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