BLR-1G Serious Special (2x PPC, 1x AC10, 1x LRM10, 4x MLas, XL340)

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    Designed with the Serious Special in mind, except 85 tons!

    Stay at medium ranges and try not to draw too much attention to yourself, while putting 30 points of damage at medium range wherever it is that you want it. The LRM 10 makes for a good support weapon at those same ranges, or a good harassment/assist weapon from ranges greater than that. Should it get in close and hairy, substitute the Medium Lasers for the PPCs when firing, so as to keep your heat reasonable.

    Due to the differing projectile speeds, don't fire the PPCs and AC/10 together unless they're a good medium distance away, say 500m or so, or you'll likely land the PPCs and miss the AC/10.

    Weapons Groups:
    1) AC/10
    2) PPCs
    3) MLas
    4) LRM 10
    5) PPCs (Chain) - Just in case.

    An alternate is to drop one additional ton of armor for another ton of AC/10 or LRM ammo.

    For ridge-peeking potential, put the arm PPC on the left shoulder, which gives you an entire shield arm, should you need it.
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    While I'm less than stoked about saving up 5.5 million for the XL340, I love the concepts behind this build.

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