BLR-1G Kriegerfaust's G-Blitz (2x LLas, 2x AC5, 3x MLas, AMS, XL350)

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    Any and all credit goes to Kriegerfaust for posting this build on the BLR-1D forum and saying it carried over to the BLR-1G. You can find it here: I posted it to this forum so that those also struggling to find a good BLR-1G build might see it in their searches.

    This build is solid. Really really solid, and has become my go-to for this mech, finally. I've struggled so hard to find a build that was unique to the BLR-1G (since I'm really happy with my 1D's build), and I feel like this one is it.


    1) AC/5s
    2) Large Lasers
    3) Medium Lasers

    The set up gives you a shield arm on your right hand side, along with a powerful capability to fire around corners on your left. The sustained rate of fire is glorious with the AC/5s and Large Lasers at ranges exceeding about 400m, and can lay on some extra pain with the Medium Lasers when they start closing.

    And it gets results. 776 points of damage on my first try with this Mech.

    Thank you, Krieger, for posting this!
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    similar build but faster and higher laser alpha

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