BLR-1G Blarg-8Q (2x PPC, 2x LLas, 3x MLas, 2x MG, XL350)

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    I had made mention in a thread on Reddit that the Awesome had really been usurped by the Battlemaster when it came to Energy Boating, and then realized it had enough slots to try out my favorite AWS-8Q build.

    Much to my horror, it fits, is faster, cools better, and can fit Machine Guns to boot. The poor Awesome...

    1) MGuns
    2) PPCs
    3) LLas
    4) MLas

    WARNING: INHERENT WEAKNESS TO CHASSIS: because of the weird way the hardpoints are assigned when you drop, your PPCs and LLas will NOT be level when you fire. However, the hardpoints are so high up on the torso that they'll still allow for effective ridge peeking.

    Pilot it like a faster, stronger, better Awesome! Make use of 1-2 weapon groups at a time from medium-to-long range, staying behind your teammates and laying down good fire support. PPCs for long range, PPCs/LLas for when they're a little bit closer (450m or so), LLas/MLas when they start to draw within the 150 meter range, and PPCs sparingly as heat allows for a good slam on the target. Under 90m, all lasers.

    Coolshot recommended.
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