Casual Blood Adder "Blind Snake" (2xcUAC5, cECM)

Thread in 'Blood Adder' started by waaaaaaaat, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. waaaaaaaat

    waaaaaaaat Active Member

    Blind your enemy with ECM, blind yourself with UACs.

    High DPS cool-running support build with an absurd amount of firepower for a 35-ton mech. The high mounted UAC5 cannons are immediately next to the cockpit and will blind you.

    There is exactly enough room for the weapons and the ammo, and nothing else.

    • Take the C arm for 10 points of free armor
    • ECM head can be switched out for ammo or AMS
    • Needs magazine capacity skills
    • Runs fairly cool, but on hot maps double tapping can still heat things up slightly
    • Possible to build with stock omnipods, but there is no reason to, especially when you can provide ECM for your team with the H variant head

    Images in action:
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  2. anamiac

    anamiac Well-Known Member

    I cannot see the images.

    I'm curious, why do you have full armor on the right hand and none on the left?

    Do all the ballistic weapons blind you in the same way that the UAC does?
  3. waaaaaaaat

    waaaaaaaat Active Member

    There isn’t actually no armor on the left. There are 10 points but you will only see the value in-game because it is an omnipod-based quirk.

    The arms surprisingly don’t matter much. You can spec the points evenly or unevenly but they are going to fall off at some point. Unfortunately they are not that effective at shielding you when you will take the most damage. This mech is extremely fragile and you will be relying on burst fire and inconspicuousness, so positioning and proximity to more threatening teammates matters more than armor.

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