Blackguard Bl-7-KG3 2LL+5ML+3MG Laser Finisher

Thread in 'Black Knight' started by Toastygawa, Feb 4, 2019.

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    Only a minor adjustment from the stock Black Knight, this is a strong finisher 'mech which hits in three ranges. On approach, the 2LL will damage armor (approaching from the side, you can naturally focus the damage on an arm). Next turn, in medium range, the 5ML and 2LL combine for 215 damage, which should destroy both arm and heavily crit the torso (use Precision if needed, go for ammo). Finally, its heat efficiency will prompt you to melee in the 4th or 5th round of combat, when the 3MGs will boost your melee damage output by up to 45, while generating no heat. 12HS purge a lot of heat, allowing you to repeat the process. The increased survivability over stock should let you survive vs two lances - just watch your back.


    Adjustments: Sacrifice .5T armor and the clean heat purge to replace the MGs with 3SL for greater melee support damage, if you feel you must (or for extended engagements). This is better with ++SLs. Move HS from LT to RT if you use shield arm a lot. Another notion: swap both LLs into the RA for the accuracy bonus, which helps at range.

    Pros: More survivable than stock, 215 dmg at medium range, purges most heat during strong melee. Looks cool.
    Cons: Only 90 dmg at long ranges, head slot used, no JJ, shield arm contains 1ML. Grasshopper does this better. You'll probably have a Grasshopper long before a Black Knight, too.

    This build shown using standard equipment. Using ++ or +++ can get you amazing crits or mid-range damage over 250.

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