BJ-1DC "Aces High" (1x Gauss, 5x MLas, XL220)

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Thread in 'BJ-1DC' started by Unstruck Fury, May 31, 2013.

  1. Unstruck Fury

    Unstruck Fury New Member


    Yes, I know "Aces High" has nothing do with Blackjack. But I like to think of the Gauss rifle as your ace in the hole.

    Updated Build (Max engine added, slight reduction in armor)

    I have found that this build gives you the ability to fight a long range, and still be able to pack a punch mid to short range. If you are good at pin-point damage then this is the build for you. This build excels in mid range skirmishes. The heat is extremely manageable.

    5 medium lasers can do quite a lot of damage to a side/center torso with the added punch of the gauss rifle. Moving at 79kph you should be able to navigate in and out of cover with ease.

    Personally I have played this mech in about 10 matches so far. Averaging about 3 kills a match. in that 10 games I have died twice. I cant think of any way to improve this particular build.

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  2. Dwergi

    Dwergi Well-Known Member

    Heat efficiency goes up by 2% if you drop a DHS and install an XL225. If you shave off another half ton, you can get the max engine size.
  3. Unstruck Fury

    Unstruck Fury New Member

    Thanks for the advice! I never thought to do this because the XL 220 required 2 heat sinks. So I figured the 225 would also require 2. turns out it only requires 1.

    Can anybody explain to me why that is?

    It would be nice to have the max engine, however, for the small increase in speed you get I don't think its worth dropping a medium laser or dropping armor.


    I added the max engine as suggesting giving a boost in heat efficiency however I had to drop half a ton of armor. I dropped the legs by 7 pts each. and the center by 2 pts.

    I will see how this works out. Also, i'll try to upload a video.
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  4. NamesAreStupid

    NamesAreStupid Active Member

    Engine HS are added in 25 increments until 250 (10 EHS).
  5. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    May need AMS. But quite fun to use really.
  6. Unstruck Fury

    Unstruck Fury New Member

    I myself have not had too much trouble with not having AMS. Though if you did add an AMS I imagine you could sacrifice 1 medium laser though i feel that would diminish your main close range damage dealing system.

    Trade off of defense vs offense? possibly good for someone whos more focused on staying fast and out of the brawls? I just happen to be a brawler so most my builds I focus around brawling.
  7. Cpt Chattahah

    Cpt Chattahah Min-Max Maniac

    Now you got Maiden stuck in my head. :D

    Good build. I would stick to the Max engine for survivability. ALWAYS put Gauss ammo in the hardpoint with the Gauss. Gauss ammo will not explode, however, the Gauss rifle will. The ammo will pad the crit slots and hopefully be destroyed before the rifle goes up and rips into it's neighboring engine. Also, in over 200 drops in a Blackjack, I've never been headshot. I'd move 6 points of the head armor to the legs. Otherwise, very nice Jack. I'll have to try her out tomorrow.

    As for MLas vs AMS, I find a max engine Jack is able to find cover quick enough or you can stick near a teammate with an AMS or ECM umbrella to support you. I'd keep the firepower.
  8. Crucii

    Crucii Junior Member

    Fantastic build, even with the actual quirks (for AC/2s). Here is my slightly modified version:

    AMS version:

    Faster version:

    Weapon modules:
    ML Range
    ML Cooldown
    Gauss Cooldown

    Mech modules:
    Adv. Seismic Sensor
    Target Info Gathering / Radar Deprivation

    UPDATE (08-06-2015)
    Faster version added
    Mech modules added
    Link AMS version updated
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  9. Crucii

    Crucii Junior Member

    Excellent build!
  10. Motörhead

    Motörhead Benefactor

    Looks nice, my changes :

    -Max engine needed;
    -Max leg/st/ct armor needed;
    -Strip an arm (can't shield well anyway with t-rex arms) to save weight;
    -4 ML in the torso for better grouping and needed weight, the single ML in the arm feels quite odd anyway;
    -Gauss half-tons to critpad.

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  11. Crucii

    Crucii Junior Member

    I disagree with you ...

    max. engine isn't needed and you really want that extra laser if you are fighting small and / or fast targets. Having a dogfight with a skilled light pilot can be a pain with a gauss-orientated mech if there isn’t enough secondary weaponry. This is why - in my opinion - more speed isn't as beneficial as more fire power. Using this build, I would recommend to stay with the heavys. Sticking to the heavys isn't a problem at a top speed of 79kph+.
  12. rurik

    rurik New Member

    Great build... i really love BJs... i have a BJ-1, BJ-A and a BJ-1X in elite. just need a few more exp to improve them all to the next level.

    I have a question... why XL engine?, works better with BJs? all my builds have Std Engine... please explain me.
  13. schnaetz

    schnaetz Benefactor

    My update with LE and ERMLs +TC1.
    Relevant quirks: +20% ballistic cooldown & range, +10% energy range, +7,5% heat dissipation, -10% laser duration

    Skilling for coolrun and heat nodes plus the heat dissipation quirk makes this setup pretty easy to pilot, even on hotter maps. The reduced cooldown of gauss+charge roughly matches with the ERML cooldown and lets you poke quite often.

    Switch the TC1 for additional armor/ammo/1 DHS, this is a flexible ton for me currently.
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  14. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier


    With DHS buffs, it is better to add any DHS you can fit. With this build, you can fire with very little delay once you are reach heat cap.

    ALT: no head armor, -0.5 ton ammo, +1 DHS, XL225
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