Budget Big Boy Murderbot (300std, 2xlbx10, 2xrac/5, endo, dbl heat, IS tc)1

Thread in 'FNR-5' started by Northstate, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Northstate

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    Well since I can't make smurfy show the correct armour values I simply went with screenshots.


    Build is pretty simple to play, show up. Fire weapons at designated target and watch him melt. Recently, with this build, murdered a Mad Cat Mk II before the rac's went into shutdown. It is a bit hot but not unmanageable and you need slowdown times anyway when the rac's are close to or have jammed.

    For a bad player like me this build is a dream, not too many weapons groups (only 2), no lasers for added heat and minimal damage output and by personal experience, (less than 20 games with this build) it easily makes 600-700 damage minimum but have already went above 1000 several times, where in my other mechs I would average 300.

    If PGI still cared they would nerf this build to oblivion.
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