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    Hi all,

    After discussing with current Benefactors and Star Lords on Discord and on the forum, I've changed the current donation system. From now on the $5 and $10 donations grant temporary access to the Benefactor privileges (3 and 12 months respectively). This is done because of several reasons:

    1. We're going to be releasing more regular premium content, thus the 'membership' will get more value as a permanent ordeal with regular updates as opposed to simply unlocking a relatively stagnant database.
    2. It may incentivize an increase in the current yearly donation income and/or ad revenue from expired memberships, which will be used together with the results from the crowdfund to fund the hosting and future updates.

    I suspect our first forum upgrades will be hitting in January, which will most likely include:

    - Multiple Prefixes
    This will make handpicked members able to select builds that are currently 'Meta', for easier browsing, as well as add your role to the price/quality range of your build, as well as having both a difficulty and a topic for any resources or guides our members may write.

    - Prefix Essentials
    Were you also confused that you can't search by prefix? So are we. This forum upgrade would allow anyone to search by prefix tags, making it much easier to find builds of a certain quality/game type/role (Budget, Scouting, Brawler, Meta)

    For the current benefactors, nothing changes. You donated while we offered permanent benefactor status, thus you will keep your benefactor title. This will only apply to new people that might want to make a donation.

    Over the coming months I will pay attention to public opinion and whether this change has the intended effect. If it doesn't, I will look for an alternative solution. If being a Benefactor does not weigh into your decision to donate, this is also possible through the 'any amount' feature that has been reinstated.

    Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment on this change below!
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    In addition to the changes mentioned before, I've added an advertisement slot in the sidebar for guests. These are hidden for ALL registered users, so I hope more people will join the community :)
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