Question Anyone used cheat engines lately?

Thread in 'General Discussion' started by BrysonParker, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Ok, here is my situation. I'm running a campaign and I want to get some more c bills. I don't intend to ever go online and battle there. I just want to maximize the limited gaming time I get so I can finish the campaign. The SO is not a fan of gaming.

    I am running the latest version of the game with all the latest updates through steam on the latest version of OSX.

    I saw some archived information and was not sure if it still works. Any thoughts are welcome.

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    I've used it few times on different games to avoid grinding for powerups, but before continuing, let me say that if you are not enjoying a game because of missing upgrades, you probably won't enjoy it later because it will be easier and is a sign the game isn't actually fun or balanced in general despite your attempts to find a way to have fun.
    There is an in-app tutorial for cheat engine and you should definitely start from there: it will teach you the basics to change in-game values such as your health, money and/or XP. I've never tried to achieve invulnerability (i.e.: keep HP to max value), but it will definitely explain you how to increase those "grinding" stats.

    I've used it successfully on old games (i.e.: Berserk on a PS2 emulator) and Space Hulk Death Wing being the most recent and with no other "cheating" experience.

    And let me say that again: if you can't have fun while grinding (which is the point and the part of fun of some games) then you should probably change game. I'm not saying it's bad (I cheated even in Doom2 with those IDDQD, IDCLIP and IDKFA), I'm just saying you are probably going to waste your time learning something that won't bring you more fun then you are having right now in the long term. In my case, avoiding the grind part in both Berserk and Death Wing Space Hulk contributed to shorten my will to play those games because I was using an OP character with the best stuff against braindead AI... Fun the first few hours, very boring after realizing that was my end game.
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