Casual ANH-2A "Bullet Ray" (6x AC2, TC MK VIII, BAP, LE 300)

Thread in 'ANH-2A' started by Fishmac, Sep 9, 2018.

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    Yeah, no lasers - no compromise. With the right skills you get:
    • a happy trigger finger
    • no need for cool shots
    • more than 900 bullets
    • 3162 projectile speed on 800+ meters
    • 66% crit chance (39,6 / 21,8 / 5,1)
    • instant information about the red ones weak spots
    Your role is to show your enemies where they don't want to push - yes plural, as you can force multiple targets to go somewhere else or loose their limbs in hellfire. Choose skills on firepower, survival and maybe Advanced Zoom and Torso speed.
    Armor is just dropped on the legs because it had to be dropped somewhere - choose as you wish ...

    I've spend a lot of time with my Annihilators (>800 matches with the ANH-2A). Side by side with the ANH-1X with 4x LB 10-X this build is my favorite, so I want to share. :thumbsup:

    (Please let me know, if facts are not correct, perhaps because game mechanics have changed or I'm just wrong.)
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  2. anamiac

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    I'd move the ammo out of the arms and lower the armor there instead of the legs... ie, have the legs and arms both be at 50 armor. Put the heat sinks in the arms. If you loose an arm with an AC/2 and a heat sink, your heat goes from 62% to 70%... you're not going to be mourning your heat sink.

    You could also just remove one or two of the heat sinks entirely and up your leg armor. 14 heat sinks is 62% but 12 heat sinks still gives you 55%, which isn't bad.
  3. Fishmac

    Fishmac New Member

    Thank you for your response, anamiac.

    Yes, the arrangement of armor is not suitable. Especially the legs should be protected with at least 50 points, as no one wants that ammo inside to explode by scratching a spider.

    DHS are an outstanding defense against critical hits. I loose arms very rarely, I also don't loose legs very often. But the sidetorsi take most of the shots. With the two DHS chances are good to not getting the autocannons or even the ammo critted.

    Removing both heatsinks entirely is an option. Based on my experience there is no need for more armor, as I get the shots on the sidetorsi and the CT. Related to the cooling efficiency 55% sounds fine. Indeed there is a significant difference ingame: on Canyon Network I can shoot nonstop for 36 seconds in movement - without the two DHS the shutdown comes at 28 seconds (-22%). While pushing or blocking a push I just don't want to stop the fire, as the ANH is to slow to hide behind a rock or an Atlas. Actually I need the ongoing fire to reduce the time enemies want to aim on me or to shot them after they are heated up. The resource 'cooling efficiency' therefore is a needed buff on the resource 'armor'.

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