Anansi "NARCotic" (2x MLas, 1x NARC, 2x AMS, 3x JJ, XL255)

Thread in 'Anansi' started by Solahma, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Solahma

    Solahma Star Lord

    Doesn't have ECM, but the dual AMS should help keep SSRMs off of you and fend off LRMs until you can find cover. Due to the hard-to-hit profile and reputation of the Spiders, it makes for a fantastic NARCing platform. You can take the risk to charge an enemy position to NARC a priority target, shoot your MLas, and then run away with little damage compared to other lights.

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  2. Randomm

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    Gave up arms armour to get the full 270. Only a 10 kph difference, but, speed is armour. As a hit and run mech... running is more important.

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