Casual ACW-P "SPITFIRE" (2xATM9, 2xSPL, ECM, 3xJJ)

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Thread in 'Arctic Wolf Omni Builds' started by SoLong, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. SoLong

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    ACW-P "SPITFIRE" (2xATM9, 2xSPL, ECM, 3xJJ)

    Very funny mobile DD mech, nice flanker & barrager. Meduim hot, cold on lasers.
    Can drop c-atm ammo (1/2) and get cLTAG - u get true men hand (left or right) ;)

    My vision SkillTree HERE

    Baradul have video with similar build (2xATM9, 4xSHL, ECM w/o JJ)
  2. Excalibaard

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    I'd run ERSL and a light tag, the tag really helps with the lock-on and spread capabilities of your ATMs. The ERSL are just an option to mount 1.5t of lasers without sacrificing armor or ammo. The increased range is also very nice (and clan small pulse lasers have been nerfed into the ground since energy rebalance)
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  3. Excalibaard

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    While the ACW-1 battlemech is capable of becoming a very fast splat build, I think this is the most useful configuration/playstyle for an omnimech ACW. The ECM protection helps to get your ATMs on point, and most people will consider the ECM from a hellbringer or kit fox first before they realize it's that pesky arctic wolf ;) (I know I would).
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  4. Zerrok

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    Correct me if im wrong but:
    tag doesn't reduce missile spread and only works against ECM protected mechs with ATM. it doesnt increase lock-on time it only increases sensor info when you using ATMs. therefore i ditched Tag for extra laser needed incase a light mech or whatever underuns you.
    amazing mech i use in Tier 2 QP:

    its not uncommon for me to get 700+ damage etc etc in this mech whilst i get doo-doo in other mechs. jumpjets, heavy lasers because you tend to not swivel/block when you staring at targets.

    to counter enemy ECM, simply grab the 5 sesnor range nodes (turns enemy ECM protection range back from 200meters to 480meters. Most engagements are within 500meters anways and triple damage is 310 after skill treeing. you need to add skills into the Sensor Systems to gain Target Decay, so vital. grab ground sensors because i find myself alone a lot flanking the enemy and its only 3 nodes.
    no need for additional agility because its already fast and you don't brawl or charge the enemy with it.
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  5. Excalibaard

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    Correcting you, because you told me so ;)

    TAG improves lock time and spread by 25% while held on the target. This is on top of the inherent lock time and spread reduction from having a direct line-of-sight (also works with LRMs, but is more common with ATMs), meaning its effects aren't as apparent until you're in a close range situation. Stacks with NARC or Artemis (ATMs are inherently Artemis launchers) but it can be tricky to keep TAG on targets and keep these bonuses.

    A secondary function is that TAG disables ECM on the target mech. ECM no longer increases lock time when in line-of-sight the way it used to, but still has sensor range reduction (you can only target and lock onto an ECM mech from shorter ranges) and it may be a boon to teammates with lock-on that don't have direct sight of the target. This also means you don't need to put skills necessarily into sensor range as long as you bring TAG (LTAG reaches about 500m with range nodes), so you can put it in mobility to help you stay in the optimal range (though you'll be getting them anyway on your way to ECM nodes).

    Did you test the sensor range calculations in-game? I didn't know the ECM sensor range reduction and skill sensor range increase stacked additively (though everything else does in the game, so it would make sense that you end up with 65% sensor range total)

    And a small something about your build adaptation:

    Backup weapons are a personal preference, like the amount of back armor you take. IMO, the 4th laser doesn't really scare away a piranha MG boat any more than the 3 lasers would. My focus should be firing missiles as fast and deadly as I can, while I can, which is what TAG helps me to do. They may kill the Piranha even before it gets close enough for my backup lasers! That said, an extra 33% damage might just be what you need to finish a component off that ATMs didn't just before they got in range. So, it's all situational.

    Hope the long post doesn't scare you off ;) Welcome to MechSpecs!
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  6. renzor51

    renzor51 Advanced Member

    Just throwing up the same build on a Prime variant. Good build.


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