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    Previously operated as the 4th Artillery division during our Battlefield: Vietnam era, [4ARM] stands proud as one of the oldest active divisions in 173rd Air Gaming's arsenal. Moving beyond the limited field of manning artillery, they've come to be their own during the closed beta days of World of Tanks, effectively launching the gaming clan into multi-title status. They would later carry-over to MechWarrior Online, another first for the community again as a division that spanned two supported games at one time.

    The motto "For Great Justice" comes as a reference to the poorly-translated retro video game, Zero Wing, a title mot known for the classic "All Your Base" internet meme. Both as a cheeky tip-of-the-hat to gaming as well as a dead-serious mission statement: doing the justice of remembering those who have sacrificed so much for us.


    Mercenary group favoring FRR for I.S. and skip between Diamond Sharks (obvious) and Ghost Bear for Clans.



    We are 173rd Air Gaming: our group takes a professional approach to online gaming by holding combat trainings, hosting events, and providing support for our members. Named after the famous 173rd Airbourne "Sky Soldiers" Brigade, the community was created in 2009 as a dedication to those who have sacrificed before us; honoring them by promoting the freedoms we have today and integrating those values into our fellowship. For those who have given their tomorrows, we must honor them in victory. We have a professional approach but our brotherhood is like any fellowship -- there is a time and place to goof around but when the rubber meets the road, it's game face time. Other divisions span across titles such as [CSS] Colonial Corp in Elite Dangerous & [82RD] 82nd Reconnaissance tackling Planetside 2; the 4th being the community's continually-active and longest-running division.



    • Read and follow our rules.
    • Be online, active, and a team player.
    • Listen and follow orders: when I say "Jump," you enter low-Earth orbit ASAP.
    • Give us your 110%. Never give up. We believe you better yourself when you push your limits. In turn, that benefits the team. Expect the same from us.
    • Being a respectable representative/ambassador of our group
    • Rockin' the [4ARM] colors! Be proud to be one of us.
    • Mercenary flexibility: Inner Sphere + Clan drop decks for Faction Play. (If you don't have them ready, then we'll help you assemble those by C-bill grinding and advice.)


    1. Register for our Forums. (This is the hub of information available to our members only.) Notify any Admin or Moderator, be it Discord, Steam, or in-game & we'll get you approved. We're not automated because we want to meet you first! :D
    2. Apply for the proper division of 173rd Air Gaming via the Recruitment Center -- [4ARM] in this case -- by following the instructions posted there; doesn't take too long.
    3. When you're approved, we'll send you an invite in MWO, Steam, and bump to @member status in Discord. Done!
    * The 173rd Air Gaming + 4th Armored "[4ARM]" graphics displayed in this post are © Dale Broman (our very own professional graphics guru) and may only be used/distributed for 173rd Air Gaming only.

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