Competitive Skill tree: maximizing build efficiency

Choosing what to skill and why to maximize build efficiency and survivability

  1. CarloArmato
    Since the skill rework, skill tree has become a great build enhancer capable of boosting a mech from decent to good or from good to OMGWTFBBQ.

    To keep things as simple and synthetic as possible (which is really...
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Recent Reviews

  1. renzor51
    Great read. Your templates will improve my skill planning. I especially liked your modified speed tweak following the right side for light brawlers.
  2. McMatt
    Great guide! Really helpful.
  3. muggs
    awesome guide
  4. PocketAces
    Some very good points, and optimized for QP, however for FP, you don't really need Seismic or Radar Dep. Not many experienced FP will take LRM builds and Seismic is rather situational dependent in FP.
    1. CarloArmato
      Author's Response
      Fair point and I've honestly forgot to specify it, but it's valid only if you drop with a unit and at least 6+ people with similar to identical builds.

      If you drop with a small unit, or alone, or during an event when FP becomes a big Pug match with 4 mechs, do you trust enough your team mates?

      Are some nodes better than seismic or radar deprivation? Yes, but only in the case you are ABSOLUTELY sure you will never gonna need it and most likely you are dropping with 8+ team from the same unit.

      If there are multiple LRM boats, you are the only one to poke and some of them has maxed target decay, you can't trade at all, with 3 radar depravation or maxed, you can attempt to trade.
      It happened more than once that enemy team was able to open the gates in boreal vault or an enemy piranha was able to flank and almost back stab me.

      I'll fix the guide later.
  5. Shock
    Spectacular guide. Couldn't be better
  6. Dagonus
    Well I need to go re-examine my skills trees. Great Guide!