Roles: More than a weight class!

A guide on mech roles and their most important aspects in a build.

  1. Excalibaard
    Welcome to my short guide on mech roles. Here I want to showcase the important aspects of different playstyles in MWO, which you can use to build mechs which are closest/most useful to your preference. Roles are ordered starting from those most...
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  1. theWeevo
    As a new player, very helpful info! Thanks chief!
  2. Fluffybunnys
    Nice,but may I ask if the Artic Wolf is a hunter or skrimisher?
    1. Excalibaard
      Author's Response
      The Arctic Wolf is a bit too sluggish to be classified a 'Hunter' in my opinion. Depending on the build, it can be a Skirmisher (SRMs/lasers) or Swatter (SSRMs/ATMs).

      It's not like one mech is the same as one role either, there is some overlap and gray area between them, especially if you start considering mixed loadouts.

      This guide is mostly to help you find a role that resonates with what you try to do and give you global suggestions as to how to build/play a mech that works well for the role.
  3. Gambit22
    Good advice for new(ish) mech pilots.
  4. Loxicolimystic
    Great for a newer player learning the ropes!
  5. Hashimov
    Interesting but mech recommendations do not include variant names or builds.
    1. Excalibaard
      Author's Response
      Hi Hashimov,

      Thanks for the review!
      I'll add a few variant specific suggestions to the original post, it's a good idea. However, it's not going tobe easy to point to specific variants in many cases.

      1. Many of the clan recommendations are Omnimechs, meaning that regardless of variant, you can do the same build on every one of them.
      2. Many of the inner sphere chassis suggestions are chosen because they share the role with all variants in a chassis. For example the Wolfhound and Cicadas will (in most/all cases) do very similar things,regardless of variant.

      For the chassis where this is not the case (example: Raven), I'll add the variant suggestions in.