Inner Sphere Hit Box Localization: Understanding Your Enemy

Want to learn how to hit and where to hit? This is the guide for you!

  1. Michael
    Methodology: The testing mech is a Raven with 2 small lasers. Then in a private lobby (or the testing grounds for the first eight mechs) I use the Raven's laser to map the hit boxes, trying to identify the transition areas. The intent is not...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cpt Chattahah
    Cpt Chattahah
    A very useful guide and one of the cleanest looking hitbox localization guides I've seen. Very valuable resource.
  2. Madgoose
    All about this has been said so far. :)
    Always nice to know where it hurts the most - either way....
  3. MadTerrapin
    Great resource but needs an update. Specially with Clan Mechs. Need to take them down, quick and proper.
  4. enileph
    This is a GREAT post for everyone.
    That having said, some updated is needed. The post is sort of old and lacks the Clan mechs along with some IS mechs.