Advanced Head hunter: how to reliably hit cockpits

Tips and tricks to improve your aim and use the right weapons for the job.

  1. CarloArmato
    Achieving headshots requires a lot of practice and good will to improve your aim. Luck will be an important factor when you start, but knowing the DOs and DON'Ts will help you greatly to improve over time and achieve them somewhat reliably.

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Recent Reviews

  1. HotTomato
    Havent played since MW Mercs and this was one fine read even though it is a couple years old and me being late to the party as usual lol. Thank you
  2. Press Play On Tape
    Press Play On Tape
    really useful to me.
    allow a newbie like me to have a chance to headshot someone.
    thx a lot !! ^^
  3. gh0streaver
    Very Solid information, highly recommend lowering mouse sensitivity, and good know how much head structure there is.
  4. Zeon Defender
    Zeon Defender
    Great guide even just for casual sniping
  5. Excalibaard
    Carlo is a proven headshot master!