Review Compact Equipment and Utility Weapons guide

A rundown of equipment available in MWO and when to use them effectively.

  1. OCt 16 2018 Patch updates!

    The Champion Patch changed ECM and Artemis, so their changes have been implemented in the resource!
  2. Artemis edited!

    Thanks to @Purity_the_Kitty, I've reworked the article on Artemis.

    Lock time improvement is applied to all launchers equipped, including ATM and SSRM. This stacks multiplicatively with TAG and NARC (so 0.5*0.75*0.75 instead of 0.5-0.25-0.25. No instant locks.)
    Missile Spread is hard to determine, but it seems to be launcher-specific so that does NOT improve with artemis, unless the launcher itself is affected by it.