5 Quick Tips to become better at MWO solo queue.

How to work with a team of random persons to victory!

  1. Excalibaard
    Here I'll cover 5 tips to help you improve your gameplay in MWO solo queue.

    1. Know your hitboxes and practice your aim!
    Take the time to practice to hit certain parts on an enemy mech in the training grounds, and once you can do this...
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Recent Reviews

  1. vexorg
    Love the tips. Just quit a three hour session when I realized I was on tilt.
  2. Gambit22
    Sage advise. Greatly appreciated! Specially from new(ish) mech pilots. Many thanks OP!
  3. MadTerrapin
    Always good advice: especially the bit about walking away and taking a break...
  4. Phloom_Boomstick
    Even though I’m no longer new to MWO, I bookmark these to reread them occasionally, just to keep my head right. TY to the author!
  5. Mankor
    There is a learning curve to the game. If you have come from CS:GO, Overwatch or another typical console FPS, MechWarrior is different. It's more like world of tanks. Vastly differing speed, armor, and a myriad of weapons make the the game amazing, but don't get frustrated if you're not getting immediate results. It took me a year to find my "go to" mech (TBTs) for steady success.
  6. Gasboy
    I think the "take breaks" advice is something people tend to skip on. Don't burn yourself out. If you want to keep playing, switch things up sometimes. Play a class you don't usually spend time with. Try to see things from a different perspective.

    Good guide! :)
  7. WaveCrusher
    After over 1 year off the game this tips should get me back on track
    thank you