How do I make a correct title for my build?

Make sure to include the Variant, an abbreviation of equipment on your build, and a unique name for your build in the title. There are many examples to use on the site!
We suggest that in order to get the best feedback on your build, you adhere to the standard format described below.


The standard format differs depending on the type of mech: Battlemech or Omnimech.
Battlemechs are the mechs where you can swap engines and change upgrades, such as the Battlemaster and Mad Cat MKII. They're organised into their own variants on this site.
Omnimechs are the mechs where you swap out entire components of different mech variants, such as the Sun Spider and the Stormcrow. They're organised into a single forum of 'builds' on this site, with an exception for builds that use hero omnipods, which cannot be obtained without owning the hero.

Battlemechs: VARIANT > "NAME" > ( > WEAPONS > EQUIPMENT > ENGINE > ) +Alt*

Omnimechs**: CT VARIANT > "NAME" > ( > WEAPONS > EQUIPMENT > ) +Alt* +Set***

JR7-D "Grimm Variant" (4xMLas, 2xSSRM2, AMS, XL300) +Alt(LE280, STD250)
TBR-C "Burninator5000" (2xcLPL, 2xcSRM6A, 3xcERML, TC3, cAP) +Set

While summarizing the weapons and equipment we advise to use these standard abbreviations;

# = Applicable number for rating.

STD# - Standard
LE# - Light Engine (IS only)
XL# - eXtra-Light Engine

JJ - Jump Jets *
* Classes for these items are determined by mech weight and therefore not necessary to mention.

AC# - AutoCannon (2, 5, 10, 20)
UAC# - Ultra AutoCannon (2, 5, 10, 20)
RAC# - Rotary AutoCannon (2, 5)
LBX# or LB#X - LB-X AutoCannon (2, 5, 10, 20)
(L/H)GR - (Light/Heavy/original) Gauss Rifle
(L/H)MG - (Light/Heavy/original) Machine Gun

(S/M/L)L - (Small/Medium/Large) Laser
(S/M/L)PL - (Small/Medium/Large) Pulse Laser
ER(S/M/L)L - Extended Range (Small/Medium/Large) Laser
(L/H)PPC - (Light/Heavy/original) PPC
SNPPC - Snub-Nose PPC
ERPPC - Extended Range PPC
FL - Flamer

LRM#(A) - Long Range Missiles (5, 10, 15, 20) (with Artemis)
MRM# - Medium Range Missiles (10, 20, 30, 40)
SRM#(A) - Short Range Missiles (2, 4, 6) (with Artemis)
SSRM# - Streak Short Range Missiles (2, 4, 6)
RL# - Rocket Launcher (10, 15, 20)
(L)AMS - (Laser) Anti-Missile System
TAG - TAG Laser
NARC - NARC Beacon
ECM - Guardian ECM

No hardpoint
BAP - Beagle Active Probe
CC - Command Console
SA - Stealth Armor
TC# - Targeting Computer Mk. # (1-8)

cAC# - Clan AutoCannon (2, 5, 10, 20)
cUAC# - Clan Ultra AutoCannon (2, 5, 10, 20)
cLBX# or cLB#X - Clan LB #-X AutoCannon (2, 5, 10, 20)
c(L/H)GR - Clan (Light/Heavy/original) Gauss Rifle
c(L/H)MG - Clan (Light/Heavy/original) Machine Gun

c(u/S/M/L)PL - Clan (Micro/Small/Medium/Large) Pulse Laser
cER(u/S/M/L)L - Clan Extended Range (Micro/Small/Medium/Large) Laser
cH(S/M/L)L - Clan Heavy (Small/Medium/Large) Laser
cERPPC - Clan Extended Range PPC
cFL - Clan Flamer

cATM# - Clan Advanced Tactical Missile (3, 6, 9, 12)
cLRM#(A) - Clan Long Range Missiles (5, 10, 15, 20) (with Artemis)
cSRM#(A) - Clan Short Range Missiles (2, 4, 6) (with Artemis)
cSSRM# - Clan Streak Short Range Missiles (2, 4, 6)
c(L)AMS - Clan (Laser) Anti-Missile System
c(L)TAG - Clan (Light) TAG Laser
cNARC - Clan NARC Beacon
cECM - Clan ECM

No hardpoint
cAP - Clan Active Probe
cTC# - Clan Targeting Computer mk. # (1-7)

It's important to list how many of a certain weapon are equipped on a mech. This is done by putting a '#x' in front - where # is the quantity of that weapon - without a space.

CN9-YLW YaoYao's Wang (1xAC20, 2xML, STD275)
CPLT-C1 Grimm Variant (2xLRM15A, 3xML, TAG, BAP, AMS, XL300)
* Instead of abbreviating the alternate build(s), you can simply put "+Alt" in the title if you have alternative variations on your build. 'Alternatives' are defined as mechs with the same weapon loadout, but different equipment or engine. If your variation has different weapon loadout, consider if it warrants another thread.
Optional: add the defining alternative engine/equipment in brackets such as "+Alt(STD300, LE325)"

** Because Omnimechs have a fixed engine, They're not necessary in the abbreviation.

*** If you're using a build with only components of the same variant, indicate this by writing "+Set" behind your entire build title. This is handy if you make a build centered around set-of-8 quirks. Builds that do not have the 'set' suffix may require additional omnipods to be bought.
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